Chicken Hike

Chicken Hike Game Review

Chicken Hike is a very simple drawing game where you need to draw one line to guide a small, hapless chicken to his goal. In the game, the player is the Cornelius, who wants to go hiking but encounters obstacles and blocks on the way. It can climb a hill but cannot cross over lines drawn by the player. This is a challenging game for all ages. This is a good option for kids and adults alike.

The main character of the game is the titular chicken Cornelius, who wants to go hiking. However, he runs into many barriers and blocked paths. To get through all of these obstacles, the player has to draw single lines or use keys to unlock doors. The goal is to collect as many keys as possible, but the player must be careful not to cross any of the lines drawn by other players. In this game, players have to overcome various levels and complete objectives to earn points.

The game is played by drawing continuous lines across the screen. A slope will speed up the chicken, while a key will open doors. Spikes and other areas are dangerous, so avoid them. If you’re not careful, your pencil will break when it reaches the torn paper area. This is an excellent choice for children, as it requires a lot of concentration and patience. If you’ve got the right strategy, you’ll be able to beat this challenge and complete the game in no time.

puzzle game for kids, Chicken Hike

A great puzzle game for kids, Chicken Hike is a fun way to learn how to draw. You’ll have to create continuous lines to guide your chicken through each level. To get the keys, you’ll need to draw the keys on the locked doors. Remember to be careful of spikes – these will kill your chicken. When you’re trying to escape, try to get a key and avoid torn paper, or you’ll get your pencil broken.

The Chicken Hike game has many puzzle levels. As you climb, you need to draw one continuous line to guide the chicken to the exit. You can move around the level by completing the puzzles. To advance to the next level, you must collect keys and unlock doors to advance. In this fun game, you can also earn points for collecting coins. If you want to earn more points, you’ll need to beat the levels as fast as you can.

This puzzle game is a good choice for kids. You’ll need to draw continuous lines to make your chicken escape. In this game, you’ll need to draw a line that will help the chicken get to the exit. Moreover, you need to draw keys to open doors, so your chicken will be able to get a key. As you move forward, you must be careful of spikes, as they will kill your chicken. If you draw the lines that contain spikes, you’ll end up with a dead chicken.